Aaron Sidder

Owner, Principal Consultant

Red Beard Science grew out of two intertwining strands of my career: science and writing. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees bracket over ten years of professional experience as an environmental scientist and ecologist, with projects taking me from the sea of grass in Everglades National Park to the high alpine country of Colorado.


I shifted gears when I was awarded an AAAS Mass Media Science & Engineering Fellows in 2016. Two years after a career-altering summer writing for National Geographic as a science journalist, I continue to cover cutting edge and quirky science for publications like National Geographic Kids, Eos, Smithsonian Magazine, and the Santa Fe Institute.


While I love writing about science, I also missed working as a scientist. And so, Red Beard Science was born. The mission of Red Beard Science is to provide science support services—GIS, science communication, data management, statistics, and analytics—to government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and environmental consulting firms.


I look forward to helping you move your scientific and conservation projects forward.


Red Beard Science is committed to furthering scientific research, conservation, and responsible and sustainable land management. We do so by supporting the scientists and organizations that advance these causes.


Red Beard Science is committed to transparency, honesty, and open communication. The client and their mission come first, and the company strives to complete assignments in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.


Accuracy, attention to detail, and thoroughness guide the company. Red Beard Science provides clean data with descriptive metadata, grammatically sound writing, and clean and attractive products.





Red Beard Science specializes in spatial ecology, GIS, conservation planning, environmental compliance, science communication, and writing and editing. See the Services section for more detail on the services offered.